Carly Valentine. (clitinator) wrote,
Carly Valentine.

Friends Only
Comment to be added if you have the ability to form whole sentences.

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Me me me!
Of course I wouldn't leave you out, you are one awsome grrrl.

p.s. did you add me on MySpace by any chance?
Yeah I did. "Kunt"
Thought it was you : ]
ello, how come you have about 4 livejournals? and then you start a new saying your making a new start and all this friends only is pathetic, you want people to know how you feel, and after a few months put it friends only cuz people are too nosy??!! does it really make any sense, dont keep making new ones or just set them to friends only to start with!!
And the point of having a go atme of that is what exactly?

What have I done to deserve that from you exactly?
you seem neat =)
Hehe, thank you.

Sorry it's took me so long to get back to you!
I have added you back anyway :]


September 3 2006, 00:58:32 UTC 10 years ago

carly its erin. better name n thart. xx


September 3 2006, 00:59:13 UTC 10 years ago

ARGH wont let me log in. discodick
found you by accident but wanted to say hi because you have great taste in music! ♥
Thank you lady machine :]

you too!
its rare to find someone these days that know who bratmobile and bikini kill are. ♥
Especially bratmobile! It's usually "Bratma... what?" heh.

I'm adding you x
oh yay! I'll add you back!
hope you have a nice holiday!
Added you seem interesting, plus we have quite a few things in common (Mighty Boosh and Shaun of the Dead being two of my favourites!)

I'll add you back in a second :]

p.s. I'm a bit boring at the moment, but I promise to get more exciting! :]
i found you!
i added you!

=] xx
I am ABOUT to add you back :] x