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Carly Valentine.
23 July 1987
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1940's, 1950's, alcohol, alkaline trio, all over me, art, ash, babes in toyland, bad brains, bangs, beastie boys, beck, beth ditto, bikini kill, bjork, black flag, blondie, brand new, bratmobile, buddy holly, burlesque, caffine, cherries, cider, cinema, cobra starship, criminal minds, crystal wrists, csi, cursive, dancing, daniel clowes, david bowie, dawsons creek, daydreaming, dc comics, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, devotchkas, dexter, diy, dresses, elliott smith, elvis preseley, emo, films, forensic dramas, frank sinatra, george a. romero, ghost world, gin, give up the ghost, glassjaw, gore gore girls, halo friendlies, hardcore, horropops, hot water music, huggy bear, idlewild, imoko set, indie, jemima rooper, johnny cash, joy division, juliette and the licks, kill rock stars, l7, le tigre, lily allen, lounge, love and rockets, mark kermode, martha reeves, massive attack, media, mineral, minor threat, minus the bear, mixed media, modest mouse, moloko, morrissey, nekromatix, new music, new wave, nick cave, nick hornby, nicoteine, northern soul, novelle vauge, old music, oscar wilde, peaches, peggy lee, pete bjorn and john, pin-ups, pj harvey, poker, portishead, pretty girls make graves, pretty in pink, psychobilly, punk, q and not u, reading, red wine, riot girl, riot grrl, rockabilly, sewing, shane meadows, she wants revenge, shoes, simon pegg, sleater-kinney, sneaker pimps, social distortion, spaced, stray cats, sugar rush, swing, tank girl, tattoos, teachers, the breakfast club, the buzzcocks, the cardigans, the charlatans, the cramps, the gossip, the jam, the juliete dagger, the mighty boosh, the misfits, the nerve agents, the pipettes, the ramones, the slits, the smiths, the sugar daddies, thursday, tiger army, toots and the maytals, weezer, wonder woman, yeah, yeah yeahs